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One-stop shop for all your plasma and laser consumables

Plazmax Technologies stock genuine Hypertherm consumables for PowerMax, Maxpro200, HPR series and XPR series systems.

Plazmax also stocks Centricut consumables for non-Hypertherm systems, in particular, Kaliburn plasma and Mitsubishi laser. Consumables for other branded systems are available upon request.

Plazmax provides a quick and timely delivery service Australia and New Zealand wide, with most orders being shipped overnight by express courier.

HT technology

Service & Support

Training for the correct and best practice when using consumables is a service offered by Plazmax to ensure economical consumable life is achieved and the best cut quality is obtained.

Finance Options

Although it’s obvious to most the Return On Investment a high-tech piece of equipment can provide, banks and lenders don’t always understand your industry and the importance of such purchases.

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Hypertherm XPR


Hypertherm XPR

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Hypertherm XPR

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