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Australia: 03 9133 8983
International: +64 7 349 6821

Australia: 03 9133 8983
New Zealand: 07 349 6821
International: +64 7 349 6821

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92 Tallyho Street, Mangakakahi, Rotorua 3015, New Zealand
PO Box 1217, Rotorua 3043, New Zealand

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Finance Australia

We understand buying plant and equipment can be an expensive and sometimes daunting process. That is why we have partnered with Matt Corkin from Atlas Broker.

Atlas Broker specialise in commercial and industrial equipment financing, and is one of Australia’s leading finance and insurance broking houses.
You can contact Matt for a no obligation chat to discuss your situation and needs.

Finance New Zealand

We have partnered with Business Finance Adviser at Finance New Zealand, Stuart Whitehead.

Stu has over 10 years experience in the financial services industry, including a tenure with GE in the commercial finance division and a role as a commercial bank manager.

You can contact Stu for a no obligation chat to discuss your situation and needs.

Hypertherm XPR


Hypertherm XPR

Stainless Steel

Hypertherm XPR

Mild Steel