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Committed to ‘best-in-class’

Plazmax’s current range of Plasma Cutting Systems are widely regarded as the very best on the market with unmatched cutting performance and unrivalled build quality, paired with the very best power sources and software.

Plazmax is committed to maintaining its “best-in-class” status through continuous investment in R&D by a dedicated team of talented engineers and developers. This focus on continuous improvement is why Plazmax are confident that their machines are the best choice for engineering companies seeking a competitive edge through increased productivity and efficiency.

reduce post weld cleanup

Unleashing the potential of robotic automation

After many years of R&D and to further meet the demand from engineering and manufacturing firms looking to future-proof their production processes, Plazmax has recently expanded into robotics.

Partnering with Hypertherm’s world class robotic programming software, Robotmaster, Plazmax clients can now exploit the power of robotic automation to produce more product, to a higher standard and address growing labour shortages.

Developed in New Zealand for the Australasian market

With over a decade’s worth of product development under its belt, Plazmax has produced industry leading cutting systems that meet the needs of New Zealand and Australian engineering and manufacturing companies.

Through the power of remote access and a sophisticated inbuilt diagnosis system alongside our team of highly trained service personnel, Plazmax can install, diagnosis and maintain it’s equipment both Australia and New Zealand wide.

Laser Height Sensor

Embrace the future of robotic welding

Join the robotic welding revolution with Plazmax Robotics for maximum production efficiency.

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