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Mechanised Tapping Arm

The Plazmax E-TAP is the perfect mobile hole tapping solution for any serious workshop.

E Tap PET 30

90° range of vertical and horizontal movement

Touch Control Panel for quick pre-set settings

Heavy duty fixture table on castors

Play Video about E Tap closeup

Effortlessly tap any hole

Effortlessly tap any hole with a Plazmax E Tap
1200 x 800 castor mounted industrial work table

Heavy duty moveable fixture table

The 1200 x 800 castor mounted industrial work table makes it effortless to manoeuvre around your workshop and into place.

Easy-to-Use Touch Screen Console

From the touch screen console you can select from automated presets, or adjust variables such as torque, thread pitch, speed and depth.

90 degree range of movement

90° tapping movement

90 degree range of movement tapping both vertical and horizontal holes couldn’t be easier.

Powerful Digital Drive Motor

Powerful Digital Drive Motor

E-TAP’s powerful digital drive motor and clutch system maximises the lifespan of your taps and ensures a level of consistency that just can’t be achieved with manual tapping.

Available in two models

PET30 900

PET20 (1200w)

Tap Range M3 to M20

PET30 900

PET30 (1200w)

Tap Range M6 to M30

Case Study

Tapping into greater speed and efficiency

Finance Options

Although it’s obvious to most the Return On Investment a high-tech piece of equipment can provide, banks and lenders don’t always understand your industry and the importance of such purchases.

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